Hydraulic Rotary Manifolds

Number of hydraulic passages: from 1 to 30
Standard hydraulic pressures: up to 420 bar (special applications up to 700 bar)
Rotation speed: 0-12 rpm (higher speeds on request)
Standard temperatures: -10°C to +80°C (down to -45°C for special applications)

Total customisation in agreement with the BINI Technical Department

Electrical Swivels

Number of contacts: from 1 to 150 with different geometries of the electrical swivel
Operating voltage: 500 V AC, 220 V DC
Current: mA – 80 A
Types of signals transmitted: CAN BUS, ETHERNET, PROFIBUS, for video cameras, etc.
Rotation speed: 0-20 rpm
Degree of protection: IP 55/65 (higher on request)

Total customisation in agreement with the BINI Technical Department

Some examples of custom rotary manifolds

2014: Bini Officine began with a new Patent “EP2669439-B1”

This new patent featured an electrical swivel built into the hydraulic part, with a compact design that made the presence of the same invisible in an axial space so reduced. An excellent solution specifically designed for maximum protection of the electrical part in those applications (marine, mining and forestry) usually exposed to corrosive environmental conditions and contaminants.

This innovative patent was available in various configurations and with an unlimited number of interchangeable combinations among the hydraulic routes and the electrical contacts.
To learn about the first prototype in the world that incorporated the electrical part within the hydraulic part, do not hesitate to contact our Technical Dept, who will be at your disposal for any information you may require.